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310XT Data transfer fail

Posted on:Thursday, April 12, 2012 comments:No Responses By: category:garmin gps reviews Views 756  
310XT Data transfer fail I seem to have issues transferring my data all of a sudden. When I use upload feature it indicates that data from 1st April is failing, however does not even register that there was an activity on 6th April. Could this have anything to do with the fact I have software 3.20? or anything to do with changing time zones between uploads? (and that my watch thinks it is in NZ right now, however I am trying to upload in Australia)? I have latest ANT agent on MAC and my watch is pairing ok, however I get the 0% data transferred screen and then data failed repeatedly. The data looks fine on the watch for both these runs. I am keen to get this sorted, and also should mention that the other night it also decided not to turn on – just had initiating screen and then switched off repeatedly, failing to work. Charging again (already at 79%) seemed to get it back to at least switching on. Can anyone assist? As I have my first OD triathlon this weekend, while disappointing to lose those 2 runs, I would prefer to ensure data is transferring again by the tri. Any help appreaciated!

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