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CFW for Nokia C5-03-RM-697

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CFW Mod by ML
Base fw: original v20.0.024
Supported RM: RM-697
Language: English,Russian

1. Hacking. modified installserver.exe
2. Remove all languages ​​except of English and Russian (Russian default)
3. Input languages ​​English, Russian and Ukrainian
4. Replaced by the characters in the qwerty keyboard layout to English kalviature
5. Improved performance
6. Gallery does not scan the system folder
7. The standard player only scans E: / Music
8. Remove protection from transmission sis via a standard file manager
9. The effects of those standard, but accelerated
10. Replaced with a splash on / off (no hands)
CFW for Nokia C5 03 RM 697 013befc705ee
11. Removed all the standard themes, enclosing one side of
12. Desktop: Contacts bar (without the line “Search” WLAN “), a navigation bar, links bar (a la Omnia), full page and the standard
13. BTSwitch
14. not send SMS when you first start
15. Disabled greeting when you first start
16. Removed reserve FOTA
17. equalizer from Nokia N8
18. Improved quality of photo
19. Removed stuff: My Nokia, office help, converter, dictionary, podcasts, Shazam
20. Disable caching of application
21. Almost all the tunes are removed, replaced by the remaining ring Symbian Belle
22. Sutured RomPatcher + ver. 3.1
23. BTSwitcher Sewn
24. Improved sensitivity of Wi-Fi
25. Disabled vibration on lock
26. Replaced splash inclusion
CFW for Nokia C5 03 RM 697 132788754027
27. Reorganized the menu
28. Font Android (thanks comrades alex8405 )
29. Removed the “Help” from the “Menu Options” (thanks to comrades OPERATOR_555 )
30. Accelerated the installation of software by deleting unnecessary windows during installation (leaving only the version information of the program and select the disk to install)

CFW for Nokia C5 03 RM 697 scr000001egCFW for Nokia C5 03 RM 697 scr000002t CFW for Nokia C5 03 RM 697 scr000003y

1. Download Phoenix , firmware 20.0.024 (navifirm)
2. Copy the folder RM-697 (yung nadownload mo gamit ang navifirm) to C: \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \
3. Run the Phoenix
4. In the Connections select NO CONNECTION
5. Click File> Open Product and choose RM-697 press OK
6. Press the Flashing> Firmware Update
7. Select the desired Product Code and put a tick in the Dead phone USB flashing
8. Press Options and delete the file C5-03_SW_MC004_24_2G_1.1.fpsx (memory card)
9. In the same window, select RM-697_20.0.024_prd.core.C00 , click Edit and set the path to our mod. (yung nadownload nyong mod)
10. The same thing done a file with RM-697_20.0.024_prd.rofs2.V0 5 , and then click OK
11. Click Refurbish the program. If the program complains it is good, press Ok .
12. Connect the cable
13. Wait for the firmware

note: russian language ang nakadefault language dyan pagkatapos nyu magflash… gawin nyo i hard reset nyo then. punta kau sa icon ng settings> icon ng phone > icon ng language> then select english .. then restart ang phone.. then ok na.. CFW for Nokia C5 03 RM 697 smile


CFW for Nokia C5-03-RM-697




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